Roper BBQ Grill Replacement Parts for Barbecue Repair.

Although an older model barbeque grill, Roper models are still in use today and can be kept cooking with these new H shaped burner replacement kits. These H burners are made to fit a wide array of Roper models which are like a lot of barbrcue grills from this same period of time. Replacement burners include gasket and connection venturi tube with adjustable carburetor. Contact Us with any questions!

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Roper Barbecue Grill Models:

1131000 - 1131010 - 1131020 - 1138000 - 1147000 - 1158000 - 1194000.

Save your barbeque grill with universal adjustable grill repair parts!

Not a whole lot of options listed any more for these very old models. If the exact fit burner or exact dimension briquette and lava rock grid, ignition etc is not listed for some of these models, we have a lot of other options and a lot of other high-quality parts in addition to the Universal parts we often install. Contact us for suggestions, experience, installation asistance, Anything related to your gas barbecue grill repair: [email protected]

h burner assembly adjustable venturi tube connection

As shown in the schematic instructions for these H burner assemblies, we will often use adjustable gas venturi tubes which are a heavy corrugated steel allowing more installation options in older models.