Lava Rock or Briquette Grate Replacement.

Although not a terribly common brand barbecue this is a replacement lava rock grate for Roper barbecue grill models. Most of us would get rid of lava rocks and use briquettes instead. Lava rocks are inconsistent, allow lots of pockets of grease to accumulate which causes flare ups and uneven heat and are very difficult to remove to clean the grid and burner and ignition installed below the lava rock grate.

Up to you though. In addition to this one lava rock grid replacement, we have also listed a few of the replacement grill parts we have installed in these model barbecues instead of the lava grate.

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Roper lava rock or briquette grate replacement. Galvanized steel wire rock grid for Roper BBQ grill models is 21 inches wide.


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92350 Universal Heat Plate

Heat Shield Kit is Adjustable for Universal fit-- Anywhere!

Four stainless shields 8 x 13 inches with hardware to bolt together at any size for any barbecue grill. Use with or without briquettes.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement aluminized steel heat plate for briquettes
91250 Universal Fit Adjustable Lava Rock Briquette Grate

Adjustable Lava Rock ceramic briquette grate fits from 11 inches deep (front to back) X 17 inches wide (left to right) to 14 inches X 25 inches.

This grid can be used in almost Any Barbecue Grill to support radiants like briquettes, tiles, rods, lava rocks, etc...


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adjustable bbq grill replacement lava rock briquette plate

White hard briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. Ceramic briquettes are not porous like the red pyramid or black cube briquettes and certaainly more effective than lava rocks! These are the briquettes we use for high-end gas grills and are designed for Many years heavy grilling instead of something to replace year after year.


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alfresco briquette fpr use in roper bbq grill repair
adjustable lava briq grate

Adjustable lava rock grate adjusts front to back and left to right with internal supports to fit a huge variety of barbecue grill sizes.

lava rock in barbecue grill

Evolution of radiants to add heat in gas barbeques began with lava rocks and then briquette became popular because of even heat and easier use. Pyramid briquettes have been the evolutionary champion for decades because flat bottom and angled tops make these Very Efficient and easy to take care of. However, mamny years now have proven the high mass dense ceramic tile and briquettes are undoubtedly more effective and practically impossible to damage.

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