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Replacement parts listed below are separated into general categories so any kind of barbeque grill replacement parts can be located for all barbecue grill make, brand, and model by checking the type of repairs necessary and a few simple measurements. Any new burner replacement, thermometer, hood handle, control knob, valve, fuel conversion orifices and gas hoses, regulators, adaptor connections are all available from this short list in addition to all ignition electrodes, modules, glow plug hot surface ignition assemblies listed with new support brackets, wheels and anything any gas barbeque grill could need.

Moreover, we've hundreds of tutorial pages with instructions for installation, video tutorials assisting with repairs and fuel conbersions and if instructions are not where you need them, simply contact us and we will get the installation and adjustment directions to you immediately.

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weber grill parts side burner

This ignition module connects a momentary switch which acts like a connection/interuption with a nine volt battery. Anywhere from 2 to 8 outlet spade conections will fire however many sparking ignition electrodes as are connected.

new bbq grill ignition

This ignitor electrode includes a permanently connected wire and collector box which both protects the ignition electrode and also provides an electrical ground to keep the ignition sparking.

OCI Elite 30 grill model with new burner

OCI Elite 30 gas BBQ grill parts are no longer manufactured because Outdoor Concepts Inc has been extinct for over a decade. We sold thousands of these grills so we've gone out of our way to locate replacement parts and continue servicing, repairing, rebuilding OCI gas grills. Same way as above -- searching size and shape and type of replacement parts to be installed.

gas shut off timer three hour

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This electrode is different from any previous type of ignitor because the carbon-steel radiates light and glows very bright and very hot to ignite the gas burners

hot surface glowing ignitor electrode

The very first glow-plug hot surface ignition was created by Surjit Kelsi at DCS. The "E" model plugged into a typical residential 110v socket to power glowing electrodes, lights, the rotisserie motor, etc. The DCS "E" model has been copied by all high quality gas grills with Lifetime Warranties. Lynx, Viking, Alfresco, Twin Eagles and all high-end gas grills have copied the glowing electrode design since DCS first introduced the idea.

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