Solaire 30" Infrared Gas Grills.

The 30 inch Solaire infrared gas grill grows not only wider than the 27 inch models but this model also grows several inches deeper. The cooking surface is a large 703 square inches with 55,000 BTU os immediate heat. The Solaire burners are over a thousand degrees with :60 seconds of pushing the electronic ignition button. If you choose the Solaire infrared model with the rotisserie kit the infrared rotisserie burner has 14,000 BTU's with a full kit including stainless steel forks, spit, motor, counter-weight and related parts.

The 30" infrared gas grill is available as a built i BBQ grill for outdoor kitchen grill island customisation and it is available with stainless steel folding side shelves on a portable cart, in-ground post or bolt down deck mount post.

solaire infrared 27 built in gas grill AGBQ-30
  • Two infrared main burners at 55,000 BTU/hr
  • Can easily convert infrared burner to convection burner for InfraVection benefits
  • Infrared Rotisserie burner at 14,000 BTU/hr. Includes rotisserie motor, spit, forks, counter-weight.
  • 703 sq. in. total grilling area.
  • American-made 304 Stainless -- Lifetime Warranty.
With Rotisserie

Perfect-sized infraRed grill with the infrared rotisserie kit for additional versatility while grilling.
No Rotisserie

While many people love to rotisserie, I do not use mine. The infraRed grill is the best grilling tool on the planet and I use it daily. Rotisserie kit without burner can be added at a later date, if necessary.
burning infrared gas grill

Cart Model Infrared grill without Rotisserie.

30" Solaire Infrared gas grill on portable rolling cart with side shelves and double doors.


Cart Model with Rotisserie.

Solaire 30" infrared gas grill with infrared rotisserie burner and rotisserie kit on a portable cart. Cart includes two folding side shelves, inner shelf and double doors. Rotisserie kit includes: spit rod, motor in stainless housing, firks, counter weight, handle and mounting bracket to attach grill-head.


In Ground Post for Solaire InfraRed 30" Gas Grill.

In ground mount fits around Solaire 30" infrared gas grill and holds 2 folding side shelves. Like a park grill this mount is designed to be dug into the ground and often held with a bag of cement poured into the hole to ensure stability.


Bolt Down Post for InfraRed 30" Gas Grill.

Post mount option is for going into a slab of concrete, wood or a solid deck. Like a cart the post mount fits up the side of the Solaire infrared 30" gas grill and holds two fold-up side shelves. Post mount option is All 304 stainless steel and is covered by the Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty.


Solaire Built In Cover for 30" grill

Heavy duty built in cover with elastic and heavy straps for tightening this cover to your infrared investment

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infrared gas grill built in
solaire heavy duty buit in cover for built in bbq grill
solaire infrared gas grill on deck mount post