Solaire Infrared Gas Grill - Model IRBQ42 and AGBQ42

Solaire infrared forty-two inch grill has three burner sections that can be used for infrared grilling or for convectional "blue-flame" barbecuing. There is a whole line of accessories for steaming, frying, barbecuing in sauce, stir-frying with a wok and a wood smoker for a slow smokey flavor.

  • 3 Infrared burners 82,500 BTU
  • 1027 Sq. In total grilling area.
  • Available as a built in for grill island.
  • Burners can be infrared or convection.
  • Stainless steel knob design.
  • Cart model available for portable use.
  • 18,000 BTU rotisserie burner AGBQ models.
  • Detachable rotisserie motor AGBQ models.
  • Cart has 2 stationary wheels and 2 casters
  • All 304 stainless steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in America

The Solaire 42 inch grill is much bigger than it seems. With three burner sections capable of burning infrared, this grill could easily cook for dozens of guests. With three burners many client use one "blue-flame" burner for accessories and low=heat barbecuing and still have a lot of infrared grilling area. Add a steamer for vegetables, a smoker box, wok ring, griddle or BBQ tray and still have more grilling space then a traditional grill.

solaire infrared 27 built in gas grill
With Rotisserie

No Rotisserie

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  • available with any burner configuration
  • built-in model for custom outdoor kitchen construction
burning infrared gas grill
IRBQ-42c Cart Model Infrared grill without Rotisserie. $4600.

AGBQ-42C Cart Model with Rotisserie. $5230.

solaire built in grilling accessory steamer and fryer

Solaire Steamer and Fryer accessory for the 42" infrared gas grill.

bbq tray accessory for solaire infrared gas grill

Solaire BBQ tray accessory for barbecuing with sauces and marinades.

Solaire wood smoker box for smoking with soaked wood chips and griddle for pancakes, scrambled eggs and more.

solaire barbecuing accessory wood smoke box griddle for solaire infrared gas grill