Solaire Infrared Gas Grill Replacement Parts

Solaire infrared gas grills are some of the best made barbeque grills on the planet with American quality materials and superior workmanship. Solaire infrared grills are very easy to repair and infrared burners, ignition electrode, spark generating modules, and cooking grates, etc are all available for immediate shipping. Rasmussen Iron Works and Solaire infrared gas grill company supplies all of these genuine, exact-fit infrared grill replacement parts.

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Solaire Infrared Barbecue Grill Models:


What do the Solaire models mean?

IRBQ means this model of barbecue does not have a rotisserie built into the grill model at the factory. Any Solaire gas barbecue grill can have a rotisserie kit added at any time. All Solaire gas grill models are tooled at the factory to add the rotisserie mounting bracket that will support a rotisserie motor or the Solaire halogen light. All Solaire models also have grooves cut into the side wall to allow a spit rod to be supported -- even these IRBQ models that do not come with a rotisserie from the factory.

Although a rotisserie kit can be added to any Solaire gas barbeque grill model the kit only includes the bracket, motor, spit rod, forks, counter-weight, sleeve, etc. The infrared back burner cannot be added at any time after the grill is completed at the factory. IRBQ gas grill models will use the lower grill burners when using the rotisserie.

The only exception to this rule is the AGBQ27G. The 27G does not come with a rotisserie. The designation AGBQ refers to an earlier time when Solaire made the Petite models which were a twenty-seven inch gas grill with 3 burners. The current AGBQ27G does not have a rotisserie.

AGBQ A SOlaire model with AGBQ means this is a gas grill that does come with the rotisserie including the infrared back burner. Of course the AGBQ27G is the exception.

Most Solaire gas grills today are fabricated to come with infrared burners in the grill. Solaire gas grills are to the highest standards of quality and are awesome barbecue grills whether all infrared, all convection (blue-flame) or a hybrid combination of infrared and blue-flame burners. IR means a grill is all infrared or has all infrared burners in it. VI in a model refers to Infra-Vection. Infra-Vection is a combination of infrared and convection burners. In a 27 inch or a 30 inch grill model this means the barbecue is half blue-flame and half infrared. In a 36, 42 or 54 inch grill model this can mean any configuration of infrared and convection. Ask your salesperson to be certain.

If there is not a VI or a IR in the model this usually means the gas grill came with all infrared burners. Some models -- like the 54 inch and the new 36 inch models -- are designed at the factory to come Infra-Vection and an all IR grill will have IR in the model number. Any Solaire model is capable of swapping one type of burner for another without voiding the warranty so always check the configuration rather than rely on the model number.

solaire infrared gas bbq grill burner replacement Solaire infrared gas grill burners are designed with a lifetime warranty. The infrared burner produces over one-thousand degrees of direct radiant heat within two minutes, Infrared speed and flavor combine to make amazing, moist grilled foods.
Solaire burner install instructions. solaire new infrared cooking grates
Solaire grilling grates for infrared gas grills are different. The concave design allows drippings to be vaporized into added flavor during the searing process. Thinner stainless cooking grids also limit transferred heat through the stainless steel to stop scortching or buring your dinner.
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