Solaire Portable Infrared Grill Goes Anywhere.

The portable Solaire Anywhere is a Full-Powered infrared gas grill small enough to bring to the Beach, the Park, to the Game and even your Backyard. Many of our clients use these portable infrared grills for travelling and hiking when they are away from their full-sized infrared grills

The Solaire Anywhere portable infrared grill comes with a comfortable shoulder-strap caryying case so you can bring great flavor with you wherever you go. The Anywhere infrared grill is especially popular among boaters. Solaire made a special Anywhere model made of 316 Stainless Steel and have made rail-mounts and fishing rod mounts available for grilling the ocean.

solaire infrared 27 built in gas grill Solaire Anywhere
  • Single InfraRed Gas Burner 14,000 BTU/hr
  • 1lb LP tank or traditional 20lb lp tank
  • Great for Tailgating, Rv's and camping!
  • Heats up FAST (less than three minutes) and cools down fast.
  • 155 sq. in. total grilling area.
  • American-made 304 or 316 Stainless -- Lifetime Warranty.


304 Stainless portable Infrared gas grill is made to endure the hardships of daily use. The Infrared burner is easily removed for cleaning and adjustable feet keep the grill level.


316 Marine Stainless is the only differnce between these two powerful portable infrared grills. Stainless gets a 316 rating for having more than 24% nickel added during smelting. Nickel is much harder than stainless steel and will protect the surface of the grill from the hardships of a life at sea.
burning infrared gas grill
infrared gas grill tabletop portable

The AnyWhere Infrared grills can be used on a table top, on a tripod, in a fishing-rod holder and a boat/balcony rail.

The same mounting plate can be used with all these different mounting options.

infrared gas grill portable on tripod

Solaire Anywhere Tripod

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The mounting plate that comes with the Tripod is also capable of being used with a huge quantity of Magma marine grill accessories for attaching the grill safely to fishing pole sleeves, mounted anchors, various rail sizes and much more.

portable infrared gas grill burner

Solaire Anywhere Infrared gas grill regulator is an adjustable valve fit to hold One-pound liquid propane canister tanks. A six-foot conversion hose is available to attach the portable infrared grill to the valve on a standars Twenty pound LP tank.

The infrared Anywhere grills come with a shoulder-strap carry bag for convenient transport. The bag has the ability to hold some grilling tools and several pouches to hold one pound lp tanks.

solaire anywhere conversion hose

Conversion Hose

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The gas line conversion shown above is designed to be used with a common 20lb 5 gallon LP cylinder like the LP tanks used in common backyard barbecue grills.

Whereas Solaire used to manufacture several types of mounting brackets for the Anywhere and Everywhere grill models, the Newer Designs are fabricated to be able to be used with the existing Magma mounting accessories which have been used in the boating industry for many decades.

SATRI Tripod -- Fold away stand. $150.
SAHOSE6 Six foot adapter hose for 20lb LP tank. $35.


NG -- Natural Gas conversion kit. Includes valve, NG orifice, quick connect 12 foot gas hose and regulator.


LP -- Direct Propane Gas conversion kit. Includes quick connect 12 foot gas hose and regulator for connecting permanent LP connection.

SC2 Solaire Anywhere Infrared Cooking Grate scraper.
Those concave V grates add awesome flavor but they are no fun to clean without this perfectly shaped grate scraper.