Solaire Anywhere And Everywhere Model Infrared Grill Parts.

Replacement Parts to Repair Portable Solaire Infrared Gas Grill.

Although barbecues containing infrared burners have grown exponentially for over 20 years there have been only a couple of gas grill companies capable of using this technology. Solaire infrared grills have been manufacturing infrared burners and 304 stainless steel gas grills for over a decade. The Anywhere and Everywhere infrared grills are portable appliances that are easy to carry around for tailgating, beaches and picnics at the park. Eventually the regulator valve may need to be replaced but repars on these products are rare. There have been some subtle but major changes in the grills so choose replacement parts wisely. If you need assistance contact Majestic Grill Parts at .

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Stainless V channel replacement stainless steel cooking grid for infrared Anywhere models 17A, 17B, 17M and the new infrared Everywhere models. 15.25 x 11.25 inches.

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solaire anywhere grate

Infrared replacement burner for Solaire Anywhere searing gas grill for IR17A. New burner includes screen and mounting clips for this older original table top design which has been unavailable for decades..


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solaire infrared burner

Replacement infrared burner for Solaire Anywhere gas grill models IR17B and IR17M. Infrared burner includes screen and clips. This is the commonly available table top infrared grill and the Marine Grade Anywhere also.


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solaire infrared burner

Burner Screen for IR17B/IR17M sits over infrared grill burner fabricated of woven 304 stainless steel.

The screen protects the ceramic panels from anything heavy dropping on to the burner by spreading the weight. This way if the cooking grate drops, the screen spreads the weight and the ceramic does not get cracked.


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6069r solaire infrared burner wire mesh screen

Solaire Anywhere LP gas Regulator Valve replacement fitting the original Anywhere infrared grill models with folding legs.

Newer models have 4 adjustable levelling feet. Original Anywhere Infrared Grill has folding stainless wire legs. This is the regulator valve replacement for that grill with the folding legs.


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solaire regulator valve replacement original model

Replacement regulator and valve for portable infrared gas grill. Regulator control includes threaded orifice that attaches to the grill body. This regulator has US threads for models with serial number 17-005997 and greater. Earlier Anywhere infrared grills, Use SOL-17-4AZ which replaces the entire control box attached to the side of the grill firebox and includes the ignition assembly.

Regulator Valve Information


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solaire anywhere regulator valve replacement with orifice for infrared portable grill

Regulator Valve Information


17-4AZ replaces the controls box including regulator valve and all ignition parts. Product mounts to the side of the grill because original metric threaded box cannot be repaired but this is the US Threading replacement for the AnyWhere Grills. All of them because the whole assembly is replaced.

Replacement Regulator Information

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solaire anywhere replacement box for regulator
Regulator Information

Solaire IR17B/IR17M/EV17A hood handle w/hardware to attach to Anywhere and Everywhere infrared gas grill model hoods.


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hood handle  anywhere grill

Solaire infrared grill controls bracket for Anywhere 17B and 17M - box on right side. This is just the box and does not include the module, electrode, regulator valve or orifice.


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anywhere control box

Solaire Anywhere grill handles mounted on the side of the infrared grill (each). Each handle includes hardware to attach handle to the the side of Anywhere gas grill.


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side handle on infrared anywhere grill

Igniter with button in Infrared Anywhere Grill models. Module uses one AAA battery for spark generator. Ignition module wire plugs into single grill electrode and a ground wire for long term reliability.


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ignition module with button

Replacement electrode for infrared Anywhere and Everywhere models. This electrode fits all Solaire portable grill table top models.


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anywhere grill electrode

Adjustable feet to level Anywhere Infrared portable grill. Quantity of 4.

Adjustable Black feet for infrared grills with Serial numbers 17-005997 and Higher tighten hard and holds accessories made for use with this table-top infrared grill: fishing rod mounting pole, rail suport grip for boats and tripod mounting options.


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anywhere feet

Adjustable set of four(4) replacement feet for older models with metric threads -- silver/grey colored foot.

The Anywhere feet not only adjust to level the grill they also tighten to hold the mounting plate used with the accessories for this grill: tripod, cart, rail mount and fishing pole mount.


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replacement feet metric anywhere grill

Tripod adaptor; black mounting bracket attaches to tripod where round tripod base fits into round opening on base. The flat section bolts to sol-1707 Stainless Plate which attaches to the Anywhere/Everywhere grill models. The portable infrared grill wll require the 1707 stainless plate and tripod base with this bracket to hold all together stable.


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adapter bracket

Tripod adaptor mounting bracket fits under grill and attaches to base.

Essentially a High Quality Stainless Steel plate which is held in place by tightening the feet below the Anywhere/Everywhere infrared grill. Held in place the grill can slide on and off this plate which bolts to tripod.


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adapter bracket

Tripod folds up small for easy transportation and unfolds easy with wide strong tripod base for easy grilling without worry.

This includes mounting plate attaching to the grill so the tripod pops-on/off in seconds and is easily moved and set up for immediate grilling.


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Conversion hose converts Solaire Infrared Anywhere and Everywhere gas grill from a portable tank to a normal 20 lb propane tank.
This hose screws into the regulator on one side and QCC Handwheel threads onto refillable LP cylinder used by most barbecues.


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conversion gas hose for propane tank cylinder

Folding Cart for Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere infrared gas grill. The Anywhere and Everywhere infrared portable grill attaches to the cart with the four bottom feet sliding through the openings and then tightening to hold tightly to the card. Grill is still portable because the cart folds completely flat.


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cart for infrared anywhere

Solaire Drawer for the folding cart. Single drawer can se selected in multiple quantities or single selected with the folding cart. Drawer can be installed below and either side of the center cart grill.


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cart and drawer for infrared anywhere

Solaire BBQ Grill Models:

SOL IR17 A - is the very old original portable grill with folding legs below the firebox.
SOL-IR17b Solaire Anywhere portable infrared gas grill.
SOL-IR17M Solaire Anywhere Marine grade infrared portable gas grill.

Solaire Anywhere Metric Feet

solaire replacement electrode igniter

These are the feet on the bottom of the Metric threaded infrared Anywhere gas grills. If the regualtor needs to be replaced on an Anywhere with these kind of feet the 17-4AZ is the correct replacement part.

Solaire Any US Thread Feet

regulator and control valve for solaire anywhere portable infrared gas grill repair

US Thread Anywhere feet. If your Solaire anywhere has these feet on the bottom then the orifice has a US thread. If the regulator needs to be replaces you will need item 17-4B which will only replace the one item that combines the regulator, valve and orifice.

The Solaire Anywhere is an infrared grill that is portable enough to carry to the beach, a football game or a park. With a single intense infrared burner this little grill is powerful enough to cook for a small family in the backyard. When the regulator needs to be replaced the valve and burner orifice unscrew from the grill together. The regulator valve and orifice on the older Solaire Anywhere portable infrared grills had a metric threading that is no longer available. Newer Anywhere models have a US threading so only the regulator has to be replaced. If you do not know which Anywhere portable infrared grill you have, just look the the feet. The smaller silver and grey feet on the left side of this page are the feet from a metric Anywhere grill. The feet on the right side of this page are the feet from an Anywhere with US threads. If your Anywhere grill has the feet on the right side you'll use replacement regulator SOL 17-4B. If your Anywhere grill has the feet on the left side you will need item SOL 17-4AZ which replaces the regulator valve and orifice but also replaces the whole side- mounting control box, electrode, electrode wire and igniter module.

solaire grill repair convert metric to us thread to replace regulator and valve anywhere gas grill