Replacement Tile For Infrared Burner Repair

TEC infrared grill burners are the only infrared burners that can be repaired. No other infrared grill manufacturer will sell the tile top and fiber material to be used as a gasket. When infrared burners need to be replaced the reason is almost always a problem with the tile top below the protective screen. However, only TEC infrared grill burner tiles can be replaced. An infrared burner will blow out when there is a crack in the tile top. The crack is almost always invisible because it is so fine.

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Replacement tile for the Sterling 2, Sterling 3 and Patio 2 infrared burners. This kit comes as shown with the tiles, stainless frame and gaskets used to replace the tile top of TEC infrared grill burners. Cost includes very delicate shipping.


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replacement tile repair kit infrared burner

The repair kit for infrared burners manufactured by Thermal Engineering Corporation Sterling and Patio gas grills comes with everything needed to replace the top of the infrared burner. The tile top is in a stainless steel frame so it can be ladi into the infrared burner casing. Gaskets are included to seal the edges of the rectangular burner.

Installation instructions below explain how to repair the burner by replacing the tile top. Instructions must be followed to properly repair the TEC infrared burner. The gaskets go into the burner housing differently from the original and the frame of the burner must be both clean and undamaged -- completely undamaged in order to repair the tile top of the infrared grill burner.

replacement infrared tile top burner repair kit
schematic instructions for tec burner repair tile

Remove Burner Screens

Remove ceramic clamps, leave burner clamps attached to burner body

Remove old burner head

Clean burner ledge of old burner gasket. The old fiberflax gasket material must be completely gone. Also if the burner is distorted at all the burner must be replaced.

Coat burner ledge withpetroleum jelly. The jelly will hold the gasket in place during the burner tile installation.

Install fiberflax gasket along the bottom edge. The gasket will overlap in the corners.

Install the replacement tile on the infrared burner. Be sure the gasket does not slip or fall out.

Replace ceramic clamps. Apply moderate pressure down on the burner when tightening screws.

Replace the burner screen and ignite the burner.

Note the old infrared burner tile may have had fiberflax gasket material along the sides of the tile. TEC no longer suggests gaskets on the side of the tile in the infrared burner.

If the nut-insert spins when removing the ceramic clamp screw in the second step above then use pliers to grad the bolt head and unscrew until the screw can be removed. Drill the nutsert out and replace with a quarter-inch 20 nex nut and use both a flat washer and a lock washer when the new burner tile is installed.

tec fiber flex material

Although the older models of TEC infrared burners had the gasket material under and next to the stainless steel frame of the burner the installation replacement instructions tell us to only install the fiber gaskets under the stainless frame and use petroleum jelly to hold the fiberflex strips in place during mounting.

One of the primary reasons companies stopped selling the replacement tiles for other infrared burners is that customers repaired their own burners instead of bringing in a gas technician. Then if the burner was not repaired while totally clean and totally level and tight the burner would crack again after repairs were complete.

infrared burner without tile top

When we remove the old infrared tile top we will see inside the infrared burner. This is the technology that changed how we grill and how high-end steak houses serve grilled meats. Infrared burners have had an impact on the evolution of the human race. When I see the burner without -- and I have seen hundreds of them -- I always feel like I am looking behind the curtain at the wizard. The burner is somewhat common with a normal looking pipe burner and a protective vaporizer. The effect of the casing is for the pressure to build to an exact build-up so there is an exactly designed pressure emitted from the tile. A few drops of water inside this casing is enough to displace pressure and cause the tile top to crack.

TEC infrared replacement tile in frame

The reason companies who manufacture infrared grill burners -- like Firemagic, Solaire, Alfresco, OCI, AOG, Lynx and many others -- do not allow us to buy the replacement tile tops to repair their infrared burners is safety and accontability. I know this from experience. If the old gaskets are not totally cleaned away, if the rust, oxidation and corrosion is not cleaned, if the old burner casing has any bending or warping from the intense heat, moisture or anything else the infrared tile top replacement will fail. Although it is possible to repair a TEC infrared burner and although the process is simple this does not mean the burner will always be repaired.

We suggest a licensed gas appliance technician always install any infrared burner and replace the tile tops of infrared burners. Infrared burner valves and orifices pull more gas pressure than any other gas barbecue burner. If the tile top is not installed properly the new head can easily break within a few uses and can become unsafe.