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Thermal Engineering Corp - TEC - Infrared Burner Dimensions.

When TEC invented the infrared burner this new technology changed the world of gas grills. Few products at that time could get hot enough to sear perfectly of a gas grill. The TEC infrared gas grill burner was hotter than anything on the market and the TEC burner was hot in minutes. Restaurant kitchens changed and the backyard chef started serving restaurant quality flavor at home.

TEC replacement burners were installed differently in different TEC gas grill production years. For instance many of the TEC gas grill burners have L shaped brackets that support the manifold and control valves and many models had the orifice installed to the control valve after the infrared burner was installed. This makes the TEC burner different to install than many other barbecue grill burners.

tec infrared grill parts

TEC Models:

Patio II.
Sterling II.
Sterling III.

If your TEC infrared burner needs to be replaced because it is un-lighting itself that typically means the burner has a crack in the tile somewhere. Water in a liquid form has a fraction of the mass water has as steam. As the burner heats and pressurizes and this great mass of steam is being pushed out of the infrared burner through the tiles it is possible to get a tiny crack as the steam is forced through. It is almost impossible to see the crack unless it is really bad and has been used over and over again while the problem persists.

Sometimes the flame will just die and sometimes it can make a "whoosh" or "pop" sound but either way it ts telling you to replace your infrared burner because the burner cannot keep the pressure inside the infrared burner housing.

tec infrared burner solaire grill parts replacement

Infrared burners on right side of these images is the original TEC burner. The infrared burner on the left side is the infrared replacement burner installed.

TEC User's Manuals at www.Grill-Repair.com
TEC Patio II Manual
TEC Sterling II / III Manual
TEC Patio / Sterling Manual

This is the dimension of the infrared burner replacement for the Patio II and the TEC Sterling II infrared barbecue grill models as it is manufactured by Rasmussen Iron Works. The manufacturing production is more modern than the TEC burners. Materials are 304 stainless steel, fabricated in America.
We have two or three clients per year who have a difficult time installing the burners but most of the time the installation is very simple. Like many replacement burners the venturi tube slides over the control valve at the orifice and the body of the burner slips into position. The burner must rest level.
Many TEC gas grills have a bracket n the back of the barbeque grill fire box to hold the burner steady. Older versions of these infrared gas grill models have brackets welded to the venturi tube in the front. These brackets support the manifold and can be a buisance to uninstall. However, once we get past the dirt and the grease it is just a few bolts to get the burner out of the grill.

For many years TEC infrared gas grills were the best gas grill in the world and any TEC gas grill is worth the expense of repairs.


TEC Infrared Burner

Infrared replacement burner for TEC grill repair. TEC grill repair for Patio 2 and Sterling 2 and Sterling 3 infrared gas grill burner by Rasmussen. High quality materials and modern manufacturing.

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tec infrared burner grill repair

TEC Infrared Burner

TEC infrared burner from back support for sterling 2 grill

TEC Infrared Burner By Rasmussen

rasmussen TEC infrared burner from back support for sterling 2 grill

We started using the alternative infrared burner because we felt the replacement infrared burner by Thermal Engineering Corp was not better quality than the Rasmussen replacement. It is however a lot more expensive.

The only time this has been a problem for TEC grill repairs revolves around the back burner supports. Apparently TEC had a very short period if time when the TEC burner did not bolt to the back of the grill support tube. In the images below the left burner, by TEC as a removanble bracket. The removable bracket allows the installer to leave the bracket in place for the majority of TEC repairs or to remove the bracket for that minority of grills that do not attach to the back support beam in the TEC grill fire box.

As you can see in the image on the right side the Rasmussen burner bracket is not removable. For this reason this replacement burner cannot be used on every damaged Thermal Engineer Corp infrared Patio Two and Sterling Two. The majority of TEC grills are working beautifully with the Rasmussen replacement. To check your grill just look along the back side of the burner to see if the steel tube installed left-to-right is in the bottom of the fire box. Holding the burner from the back of the grill see if there is any wiggle to the back burner which should tell us if there is a back support.

tec infrared burner installation schematic

The TEC infrared burner in the Sterling II and the Patio II were installed onto the control valve before the orifice was attached. This means the back bracket has to be removed and then the orifice has to be removed in order to remove the old burner. This is unusual but back then TEC were re-inventing the barbecue and changng the world. Although today this is annoying the trade-off is the invention of the grill that changed the world of grilling. The manifold is not attached with supports or brackets inside the grill so when the burners and orifices are removed the manifold can fall straight down. For this reason it is smart to replace one burner at a time.