Thermos BBQ Grill Replacement Grates and Heat Shields.

Over many years Thermos Barbecue grills have had a lot of changes with a variety of gas grill configurations. Many of the heat shield vaporizers that are available below were designed to support lava rocks or briquettes that conduct heat while grilling and vaporize falling grease, marinades or anything else falling into the fire box. Other vaporizers are not designed to use lava rocks or briquettes. The diffeser plates are easier to maintain and clean.

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Galvanized to protect the steel grid this grate is designed to support lava rocks or briquettes in thermos model barbecues using conduction to add heat while grilling.


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lava grate for themos barbecue grill repair

galvanized steel wire lava rock grate can also hold tiles and briquettes for heat added at the grilling grid in Thermos barbeque.


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briquette grid

galvanized steel wire rock grate designed to replace thermos bbq parts. The grid supports radiants for conduction adding heat at the grilling surface.


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briquette grate can also sold lava rocks for conduction

stainless steel heat plate designed to fit over the small round burners in thermos gas barbecue models generating lower heat settings. The legs on the heat shield hold the tent-like covering above the burner so the stainless gets hot enough to vaporize dripping moisture while cooking.


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burner cover with legs

Lava rock and briquette support grid manufactured to replace the original Thermos grates. This grid supports lava rocks to vaporize dripping grease during cooking.


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barbecue grate supports lava rocks

Porcelain coated steel heat shield designed for use in Thermos barbecue grill models. Vaporizer plate is pitched to each side to allow heat diffusion and grease management. Approximately 6 x 17 inches.


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porcelain coated heat plate 6 x 16

Large heat plate for Thermos gas barbecue grill repairs.


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stainless steel large heat plate vaporizer shield for thermos grill models

Porcelain steel heat plate used to repair thermos barbecues that do not use lava rocks for conduction any longer.


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notched heat plate fits thermos bbq

Stainless steel heat shield fabricated to vaporize falling grease and evenly distribute heat rising from the burners in Thermos barbeques.


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heat shield for thermos barbeque repair

Single long stainless steel heat angle fits thermos barbecues. Stainless steel must be used if the heat shield is not protected by galvanization or porcelain enamel.


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burner cover stainless steel

Often heat plates fit left-to-right above a single burner to spread heat and protect the burner from drippings while also forcing rising heat to spread and circulate throughout the barbecue firebox and cooking area.


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angled shield stainless steel bbq tray

Long heat plate is pitched to vaporize drippings which protects grill burner while adding to convectional heat flavor. Single heat shield installs above the burner to push heat around the barbecuing area.


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vaporizer shield for thermos BBQ repair

stainless steel heat angle fits many Thermos BBQ grill models above BBQ burners as a heat radiant.


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long stainless angled heat plate

Porcelain enamel coated steel heat plate for Thermos barbeque grills also has louvers cut into the plate to allow additional air to circulate through the heat shield. Specialized clips mount the vaporizer tray to the inner fire box in Thermos BBQ grill models.


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porcelain coated heat shield vaporizer for thermos

Galvanized steel wire grate for lava rock support and additional radiant heat in Thermos BBQ's.


galvanized grid

Lava rock grid fabricated with galvanized steel to prevent oxidation outdoors.


replacement grate for thermos lava or briquette conduction in grill

Lava rock or briquette grid fits many barbecue grills including Thermos models that use conduction layers for additional heat while cooking.


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lava rocks and briquette grate

Common wire rod grate supports lava rock and briquettes in Thermos models. Check Dimensions. Galvanized steel protection.


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grid for lava rock or briquettes in thermos with galvanozed protection

Heat plate replacement for Thermos brand barbecue grill models.


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thermos bbq grill repaair plate

Vaporizer heat plate reepllacement for Thermos gas barbeque grill models.


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large stainless steel vaporizer tray

Replacement heat shield for Thermos barbeque grill repairs.


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stainless heat shield for thermos

Porcelain coated steel heat shield vaporizer with additional louvered cuts added to allow better heat circulation while barbecuing.


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two feet long heat diffuser shield for thermos grill parts replacement

White hard briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. Ceramic briquettes are not porous like the red pyramid briquette or black cube briquettes and radiate more heat, even heat distribution, and burn off greases that cannot soak into the material like other briquettes.


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alfresco briquette
family dining after thermos grill is repaired
barbecue dining

Thermos gas barbecues have changed over the years and used different types of cooking in differnt barbeque models. The lava rock and briquette grates work to conduct heat when piled high with lava rocks or briquettes. When the barbecue hood is closed for the first fifteen minutes to allow the barbecue to heat-up the radiant heat coming off the lava rocks is added to the circulating heat trapped inside the hood. While barbecuing the rising heat is spread by the lava rocks, briquettes or vaporizer heat shields. The heat plates cause rising heat to create an even distribution inside the fire box. As moisture drips from the grilling grates the lava rocks, briquettes or vaporizer plates turn this moisture to vapors added to the circulating heat transferred in the air trapped in the grill.