Turbo, Grand Turbo, Turbo Select BBQ Grill Replacement Parts

Turbo grill repair parts are tricky because the Turbo, Grand Turbo, Turbo Select and Turbo STS barbeque grills were made for sale only through the BBQ Galore retailer. The Turbo branded products were made for BBQ Galore by many different manufacturers over the years and replacemnt grill parts can be difficult to locate. Use the links below to locate Turbo cooking grates, burners, heat shields, briquette trays, and related parts like ignition electrodes, modules, briquettes, control valves and more. If the replacement parts you need is not listed, Contact Us to find it.

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Turbo BBQ Grill Models:

  • 3-burner Turbo
  • 4-burner
  • 5-burner
  • grand turbo
  • turbo sts

Turbo BBQ Grill Replacement Parts and USer Manual.
Turbo STS Use and Care Manual
Turbo Select Manual Also Grand Turbo.
gas replacement burner turbo bbq grill parts
Replacement Repair Turbo Gas Burner
replacement cooking grates grand turbo
Replacement Turbo Cooking Grate
replacement heat shields grand turbo
Turbo Radiant Trays, Grids and Heat Shield
replacement repair parts grand turbo
Turbo Replacement Grill Parts
turbo burner briquette tray schematic

Cast Iron burners in most Turbo barbecue grill models clip into the back support wgich keeps the burner level and straight. The back support also has cross over brackets that allow the flames to jump across from one burner to the next which makes ignition faster.

turbo burner briquette tray schematic

The front of the burner slides onto the gas orifice in the tip of the control valve inside the control panel which supports the front end of the cast iron burner. As shown in the above schematic the orifice slides into the burner where the openings allow for air to mix with fuel passing through the gas orifice.