Replacement Cooking Grates for Turbo Gas Barbeque Grills BBQ Galore.

The models called Turbo sold through the BBQ Galore retail stores were manufactured by several different companies for BBQ Galore through their years in business. The Turbo Select and Grand Turbo models were made by a different manufacturer than the CG and XG models and another manufacturer again for the STS models that were popular just before the retailer closed their stores. Each different Turbo model manufacturer made different burners, cooking grates, heat plates and other gas bbq grill parts. At we have tracked down the various manufacturers that provide the cooking grates and other grill repair parts to keeo your Turbo grilling.

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Item Description Price Illustration
59501 porcelain steel wire cooking grid replacement for turbo gas bbq grill $44.29
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69501 cast iron cooking grid replacement for Turbo by BBQ Galore gas barbecue grill repair. Cast iron cooking grates are coated with a matte finish porcelain enamel. $55.29

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5S531 stainless steel clad wire cooking grid turbo $83.29

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5S612 stainless steel clad wire cooking grids fit Turbo STS and other Turbo models sold through BBQ Galore. $199.29

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Replacement cast iron cooking grids for Turbo BBQ models from BBQ Galore. 19 inches x 25 inches: Two Grates 12.5 inches wide per set.

Cooking Grate Detail

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heavy cast iron cooking grates
Cooking Grate Detail

Set of three stainless steel grill grates replace cooking grids on some Turbo barbecue models./ Three cooking grates are 19.25 inches deep and combine for 31 inches wide.


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stainlesss cooking grates

Cast iron cooking grate set for some Turbo model barbecues. Set of four cast iron grill grids have a matte finish to the porcelain coating. Grates are 19.25 inches deep and total 31 inches wide.


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cast iron gloss finish cooking grates

Set of three cast iron cooking grates used for replacement grids on some Turbo BBQ grill models. Cast iron has porcelain coating with glossy finish and are 19.25 inches deep and 31 inches wide.


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cast iron matte finish cooking grates

Cooking Grates.

Cooking grates were made with cast iron for many years because cast iron is very heavy and conducts heat very evenly. Good cast iron will distribute heat across the entire grilling grids evenly. However cast iron can ebgin to rust within one day. Porcelain enameld cast iron cooking grates often appear glossy but a rough matte finish is available to look more like cast iron. This coating protects the cast iron from moisture and oxidation.

When using porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates we have to resist the temptation to scrape the grids with abrasive bristled brushes and sharp scrapers. The rough metal bristles slowly scrape away the protective enamel. Use the barbecue heat and softer abrasive cleaning brushes to keep the cooking grates barbecuing longer.

Stainless Cooking Grates

Although solid stainless steel cooking grates do not conduct heat as well as cast iron stainless is a close second. Even at half the thickness stainless steel cooking grates are less pourous and will last much longer than cast iron. Chrome plated cooking grates are less expensive than stainless and looks like stainless steel with a high nickle content because it is so shiny. However, nickle is the material that makes stainless steel strong and chrome coated grates are as easily damaged a cast iron with porcelain enameled.

Real stainless steel cooking grates can be cleaned as hard as necessary. Harsh toxic cleaners are fine, heavy gauge metal bristle brushes work well and scrapers will not harm the grates or damage the surface. On site our barbeque grill technicians use a wire wheel attached to a drill to clean the grease and dirt from stainless steel cooking grates.

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