Briquette Grids and Trays for Turbo BBQ Grill Repair.

Turbo gas bbq grills by BBQ Galore were very popular in their time and are usually worth the cost of repairing. Turbo products through BBQ Galore stores were built much better than the typical imported gas barbecue. The grids below are generic replacement parts and will fit many models of Turbo, Captain Cook and related brands sold through BBQ Galore even though they are different from the original grill part holding briquettes. Stainless steel heat shields with briquettes locked in place are like the original bbq parts and are available in 2 sizes. If you need assistance:

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Replacement briquettes and briquette tray fits many Turbo gas BBQ grill models. Stainless vaporizer shield bolts together to lock briquettes in place for consistent heat and easy maintenance.

Briquettes Are Included.
Briquettes Included and locked in place for fast easy cleaning to prolong the life of stainless steel!

Grill Models and Details

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turbo bbq galore stainless steel briquette and briquette tray
Grill Models and Details
TCCFT Stainless steel heat shield is 18 1/8 inch x 7 1/4 inch wide. This heat shield fits the older Turbo 3, 4 and 5 burner gas barbeque grill models and this heat shield also fits the Capitan Cook BBQ grill models sold through BBQ Galore retail stores. This heat shield comes with briquettes. Check measurements. $65.

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stainless steel briquette shield with briquettes for turbo and captain cook bbq grill models

Porcelain coated steel heat shield replacement option for Turbo STS gas barbecue grill models

Check measurements.

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heat shield repair replacement grill parts turbo gas bbq grill

Galvanized steel grates designed to support briquettes, lava rocks, heat tiles and any radiant heat conductor for grilling. Grid and radiants were used in very early Turbo models and other BBQ Galore brands for added heat build up while grilling.

Grid is 17.5 inches deep and 28.5 inches wide as one solid grid.


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galvanized wire rod grate replacement for turbo model bbqs

Replacement grate of Galvanized steel supports tiles, lava rocks or briquettes for added heating temperatures in various brands at BBQ Galore models of gas barbecue grill.

Grid is one solid 17.5 inches deep and 23.5 inches wide.


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17.5 inch deep galvanized grate for lava rock, briquette, tile heat conduction
gt4ft Flat ceramic radiant use in several Turbo gas barbecue grills including Turbo Select models and Grand Turbo models. This item contains a package of four (4) ceramic tile radiants. $35.

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gas bbq grill radiant tiles for grand turbo and turbo select replacement parts
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turbp new radiant briquette tray Many more replacement parts are available for Turbo gas barbeque grills. If you do not see the part you are looking for, please contact us online or at 954-2-grill-2.
turbp new radiant briquette tray

Turbo gas bbq grills have been made by several manufacturers at different times in their history. We stock several different kinds of gas grill replacement parts for various Turbo barbecue grills to keep up with repairs of completely different models.
This exploded view is a schematic diagram of the Turbo Select just as the image above is from the Turbo Select which has tiles above the burners for heat conduction below the grilling grates.

parts diagram schematic for turbo select and grand turbo

The Turbo Select was designed as a follow-up to the Grand Turbo which had been a big hit with homeowners but no longer manufactured for the Galore stores. In later years the Select would again become the Grand Turbo with many different attempts to simply make something large as a means of inspiring the same reaction as the Grand Turbo which was made very well qualitatively.