Turco Gas BBQ Grill Cooking Grate Replacement Parts

Turco barbecues have been rare fo a long time and if you still have one, Congratulations! Please, keep it running. Below are the replacement cooking grates to fit a variety of Turco gas BBQ grill models and the models associated with each cooking hrid size. The databse is not perfect and not every Turco barbeque model is listed so use the measurements listed to check your bbq. If you need assistance you can always reach us at 954-2-Grill-2.

Turco Gas Grill Replacement Parts
Item Description Price Illustration
chrome steel wire cooking grid replacement for turco model barbeque grills. $27.49

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chrome steel wire replacement turco gas bbq grill cooking grid
replacement porcelain coated steel wire cooking grids turco gas bbq grill models. $65.

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replacement cooking grate for turco models
porcelain enamel coated steel wire cooking grid for turco gas bbq grills. $41.49

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porcelain coated steel wire replacement turco cooking grate
61902 cast iron cooking grids are porcelain enameled with a glossy finish to protect the cast iron material against rust. turco $95.

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turco gas bbq grill replacement parts cooking grid repair

Cooking grates are coated with porcelain enamel to protect the cast iron and steel material used t manufacture cooking grates. Cooking grids are made by materials safe for consumption so food is safe to eat from the grid. Porcelain coating protects the materials so they stay cleaner and are protected from the grease, dirt, humidity and weather.

grilling on cooking grate, replacement for turco gas grill

Most cooking grates need to be replaced due to rust. When grilling or barbecuing the grids get grease and blood and dirt stuck to the surface. After cooking cose the bbq lid and leave the barbeque turned to "high" to get the drippings into the drip pan or at least dried. If cooking grates are porcelain coated do not use a hard abrasive brush because as the brush scratches the enamel off eventually the material is exposed and oxidation occurs.

cooking grates with burgers grilling

Clean cooking grids with heat after grilling and then with a de-greasing agent followed by a light brush. Too mush scraping or harsh brushing will scratch the enamel off the steel or cast iron and rust begins. Once started oxidation will occur below the surface of the porcelain and it is difficult to gauge how bad the grates are rusted until they actually break.