Turco Grid and Heat Shields for Lava Rocks and Briquettes.

These galvanized steel grates are designed to replace the parts in Turco gas BBQ grill models that use briquettes or lava rocks to spread and conduct heat. Many barbecues will us ethe air trapped inside the closed hood to braise temperatures but many barbecues will add to that comnvectional heat by installing a source of conduction just below the grilling grates. Lava rock or briquettes will radiate heat at the grill grid area and cause the barbeque to be hotter in the area where the grill needs heat most.

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Designed to repair Turco barbeque grills this galvanized steel wire rock grate replaces old lava rock or briquette trays. Grid measures 15.5 inches deep and 22.5 inches wide. Galvanized grate is designed to conduct heat among the briquettes or lava rocks and add heat at the grilling surface.


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Depth is 14.75 inches and width is 21.5 inches for this galvanized steel lava rock grate made to replace old lava rock and briquette supports in Turco model barbecues.


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14 3/4 by 21 1/2 inches galvanized steel lava rock bbq grid for turbco grill madels

Made to repair Turco BBQ models, galvanized steel wire rock grate is 11 3/4 inches front to back and 19 inches wide.


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galvanized lava rock grid for turco bbq

galvanized steel wire rock grate designed to hold lava rocks or briquettes in Turco brand barebcue grills. Glavanized wire rod grid is 11 3/4 inches deep and 18 3/8 inches wide.


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galvanized lava rock grate for turco bbq

Turco gas grill replacement grate for lava rocks. Galvanized steel wire rock grate is 11 inches deee and 11 3/8 inches wide.


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11 x 17 3/8 galvanized steel grid

Universal Heat Plate Use as an alternative to Lava Rocks or Briquettes. Heavy Duty Aluminized Steel. Adjustable for Universal fit. This replacement part can be installed with or without lava rocks and briquettes. The dense shield will radiate heat alone and with lava rocks. Comes as 4 pieces and each is 8 x 13 inches to bolt together into and size needed.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement aluminized steel heat plate for briquettes
91250 Universal Fit Adjustable Lava Rock Briquette Grate
Adjustable Lava Rock ceramic briquette grate fits from 11 inches deep (front to back) X 17 inches wide (left to right) to 14 inches Deep X 25 inches Wide.

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adjustable bbq grill replacement lava rock briquette plate

Although most Turco brand barbecues used lava rocks these grills will also wirk well with briquettes. Pyramid shaped briquettes are designed to radiate heat in several directions at once for better grilling heat, vaporization and performance.


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briquettes for dcs gas bbq grill heat conduction vaporiser

About DCS model numbers

A lot of these older barbecue models had lava rock trays and natural lava rocks for heat conduction. The primary idea was to conduct heat just below the cooking surface so radiant heat would add to the convectional heat circulating inside the hood of the barbeque.

Briquettes serve the same function but tend to distribute heat evenly and are easier to maintain. Either lava rocks or briquettes will hold and hide grease and old burned up marinades, dirt, spices that drip through and eventually cause destruction if left uncleaned.

food cooking on bbq

Some people claim lava rocks and briquettes will add flavor if left uncleaned. This is not exactly true. If these conduction materials are hot enough to vaporize dripping greases and sauce the moisture will add to the circulating hot air. Some flavor may be absorbed from the vaporized flavoring but not enough to be noticable -- and certainly not enough to accept the damage done to the barbeque as a result of leaving the dirt of the lava rock tray or briquette grid.