Ventless Gas Fireplace with Wood, Fire Shapes, Glass Fire and More!

Rustic Wood Burning Fireplaces and ventless gas fireplaces with fire glass, fire balls, fire shapes, river rocks and more!

Vented and ventless gas logs have come a long way in recent years with amazing style and realistic decor. Realistic gas fireplace decor, ceramic logs, fireplace valves to adjust variable flames with remotes. wall switches, thermostatic controls and timers provide beauty, dependable heat, realism and convenience. Alternatives to ceramic logs create a clean modern fireplace for the contemporary decor with fire glass, geo-metric shapes, fire balls, rocks and vivid colors in the new ventless gas fireplace.

Traditional Ventless Gas Fireplace
ventless gas log oak fireplace
Traditional Ventless Gas Fireplace

Typically, ventless gas fireplaces are designed to mimic the look of a wood burning fireplace. Unvented gas logs are popular for providing the rustic charm of a wood burning fire with the convenience and lower cost of a simple control valve. Ventless gas fireplaces are easy to install and there is no chimney. Ceramic and fiber logs look realistic because they are hand painted with realistic detail.

Glass Ventless Gas Fireplace
ventless glass fireplace

Ventless Gas Fire -- Glass Fire.

Gas fireplaces with crushed reflective colored glass are becoming more popular as people accept the fireplace as decoration and heater without the rustic charm associated with many fireplaces. Crushed fire glass is highly reflective for sublime beauty in a modern setting. Fire glass ventless fireplaces burn clean by avoiding contect between flames and colored glass. Dozens of colors and sizes and even styles of glass are available and multiple colors can be used for additional combinations and designs.

Ventless Fireplace Cannonballs
ventless gas log fire ball

Ventless Fireplace Cannonballs

Ventless gas fireplaces with fire balls are manufactured like the unvented glass fire and ventless fire shapes with a clean efficient burner and valve design. Fire balls used instead of ceramic logs are heavy and available in several sizes and colors. Often various sizes and colors can be combined and fire glass or lava rocks can also be used to add decoration in an unvented gas fireplace with ceramic fire balls.

Ventless Gas Fire Shapes ventless gas log fire shapes color

Ventless Gas Fire Shapes

The ventless gas fireplace alternative with geo-metric shapes includes spheres, pyramids,cubes and cylinders in a variety of shapes and colors. The unvented gas burner available in stainless steel or powder coated black contains cut-out space to hold the fire shapes in place for clean burning flames.

Although alternatives to ceramic log fireplaces have existed for many years, alternative gas fireplaces have only been available in vent-free models for a short time. For a ventless gas fireplace to be safe the contact between log and flame has to be minimal. This design feature keeps carbon monoxide levels low even in a unvented room. Alternative shapes seemed to need to be engulfed in flame until these designs emerged a few years ago.

With the BTU rating enforcing a burner valve pulling less than 40,ooo BTUs the "logs" seemed to need flames around them. The unvented burner allows flames to burn to their full height without any impediment with fire shapes, colored glass, fire rocks and cannon balls stacked around the flames. The effect is almost exactly the same as a vented gas log burner with a much cleaner burnng gas and nothing to clean black carbon stains from.

ventless gas fireplace with stainless burner, white crushed fire glass