Viking Replacement Button For BBQ Ignitor.

This button cover fits onto the switch in Viking gas grills. The button is only the pplastic cover that fits onto the momentary switch that triggers the ignition module to generate sparks at the electrode. The viking module is a nine volt module separate from the switch and mounted at the bottom of the control panel. Mounted at the bottom of the control panle allows the battery to be easily changed by reaching the battery cap under the control panel. The switch is separately installed in the control panel with this plastic cover pushed over the metal button.

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viking grill igniter button

Viking ignition button. The Viking gas grills have a 9 volt module that is mounted at the bottom of the control panel. The battery can be changed by reaching under the control panel to unscrew the round cap and replace the battery.

The switch installs in the control panel with 2 nuts that tighten inside and outside the stainless wall of the control panel. Inside the control panel the wires attach the module to the switch. The plastic cover button fits on top of the switch. This way the button blends with the black control knobs and is a wider and easier button to press to generate the closed circuit and spark at the electrodes.


Hard plastic button cover for Viking ignition switch.


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button cover on ignition switch

If you have dealt with Viking you already know how difficult they can be locating parts. Instead of the frustration we use this ignition switch as a replacement on Viking models.


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metal switch for lynx gas bbq grill controls
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viking igniter module 9 volt spark generator

This nine volt spark generation module is capable of sending ignition sparks to 4 different electrodes with only one button as a control. The 9 volt modules are very reliable and the same design used by Viking are also used by many other high-end stainless gas grill companies.

viking electrode bracket and collector box

This is the electrode with the bracket and collector box originally used on Viking gas barbecue grill models. The double prong electrodes replace this design except for the rotisserie infrared burner that still uses this type of electrode as an igniter.

New Ignition Electrodes

viking replacement electrode

These new electrodes are the replacement electrodes for the Viking gas barbecues. Even though the old electrode may not look the same these are the replacement electrodes. The double prong design evolved after infrared burners were invented because the spark is more reliable, uses the grills heat to clean itself and they last longer than traditional electrodes with collector boxes that are always getting coated with grease. The long ceramic extension is designed to pass through the secondard stainless wall inside the Viking cntrol panels.