Textured Bronze Grid Wood Burning Fire Pit.

Textured bronze criss-cross design mimicks the look of gardening walls for interesting colors and shadows while burning. The additional openings are covered with fire-safe screens to stop any popping sap or moisture that burns in the wood while the same openings allow free air flow for an easy ignition and easy burning for the wood. The biggest impediment for wood burning fire pits is getting enough air flow into the fire bowl so the wood twigs, chunks and logs continue to burn. With this criss-cross grate design the wood has a simple time pulling oxygen to provide long-lasting and beautiful flames.

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Firepit
  • Bronze Firebowl with Design
  • 360 Degree Warmth and View
  • Easy Spark Arrestor with Hook
  • Simple Loading and Tending
  • Steel Grating Improves Air Flow, Flames
  • 33 inch Diameter X 25.25 High
  • Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year


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Note the ring that surrounds the fire pit opening on this textured oiled bronze wood burning fire pit. This ring is designed as a stay-cool handle that allows us to position the fire pit or move the structure around the house or the back yard with simple places to grab and lift the fire pit. However, the ring also can be used to support a table top to make the fire pit a useful piece of furniture during the summer months when we are less likely to burn a fire outdoors.

Using the lip that surrounds this type of fire pit the structure can be easily lifted and moved from place to place. This ring is designed to stay off the fire bowl so it will not get as hot as the rest of the fire pit.

propane pilot assembly

The ring-handle can also be used to support a table top during the warmer times of the year by designing a teak table top and installing the slat-support so it matches the diameter of the ring around the fire pit opening.

propane pilot assembly

gas fire pit burning with granite top