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Weber BBQ Grill Ignition Replacement Kit For Genesis Models.

The new Weber Spirit and Genesis model barbecues have front-to-back burners and front mounted control valves for the first time in many decades of Weber fabrication. For the first time the barbecues do not need a separate ground wire and do not rely on a cross over tube to ignite the burners because every control has its own ignition electrode. This replacement kit is designed for use with the Genesis 330 models since 2010 but can also be used on various 300 series grills. The all in one module has four outlets to attach four electrodes and the hardware, wire clips connection wires are all included in this one assembly.

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front mounted control valve

This replacement Weber igniter assembly has all the individual grill parts that make up the ignitor assembly for the Genesis 330 models since 2011.

Early Genesis barbecue models had the control knobs on the side of the grill and the ignition was also on the right side with the knobs. Since 2010 the Genesis and the Summit model grills have the controls in front of the firebox and the burners install from front to back. This new design also moved Weber igniters away from the old Cross-Over design that only used one ignition electrode. The new Genesis models have front to back burners and the 330 has an extra burner for a higher-heat searing zone so each burner has its own ignition electrode.

front mounted control valve

This image was shot for assisting customer with Weber fuel conversions by showing the replacement gas orifice. These are the Weber front-mounted control valves. If your weber barbecue has the knobs on the side then this is not the replacement ignition for your model. This ignition kit replaces the electrodes, hardware, mounting clips and module with attached battery and switch in Genesis models from 2011 to present with control valves in the front of the Genesis model barbecue.

Post-2010 Weber Summit models use flame-thrower control valves so the ignition module and electrode are part of the control valve. Only the Genesis and Spirit models still have igniters similar to the original Weber designs.

This ignition kit comes with all 4 electrodes although it is not necessary to use all four because one or more connectors can be grounded or jumped in order to use this kit with the Genesis 310 or 320 models.

Please notice the module connections have colored sleeves around the male spade connectors. The different lengths of electride wires have matching colors on the female spade connectors at the tip of the electrode wiring. This is also another convienence from Weber designed to make installation very simple but a battery operated module will send sparks to all of its connected electrodes together so we can plug in which ever wire to which ever module connection without any problems.

The colors help us keep the installation simple and also ensure there is not a problem with the length of the electrode wires since each wire is only long enough to connect between each electrode on each pipe burner and the module.

weber grill parts side burner

Weber models since 2010 have control knobs in the front of the barbecue as shown here in the Weber version of a barbecue kitchen island. This image and the one next to it here show four control knobs on the control panel because Weber also added an extra pipe burner changing the Genesis 310 model to a 330 model.

The Weber ignition has come a long way since the first Genesis piezo but every model still has a small chain with a steel wire extension to light the burners with paper, set on fire.

weber grill parts control panel

This is one of the newer Weber gas grills from 2011 that was designed to replace the custom outdoor kitchem. Originally incorporating the Summit model Weber these are also availabel with the Genesis 310 and 330 models as shown here.

Genesis model igniter electrodes clip to the stainless steel burner tubes which has removed the need for an extra ground wire that existed in all the previous Weber igniters because all the parts attached to either aluminum or plastic.

weber grill parts spirit bbq