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Weber Barbeque Grill Replacement Cooking Grates.

Replacement barbeque grill grids for Weber barbecues from the old Spirit models through the Genesis Silver, Gold and Platiunum, Weber Summits and the new Genesis and Spirit models. Weber grids for new Ducane barbecue grills are also available. Weber cooking grates are available as porcelain coated steel, porcelain enameled cast iron and stainless steel cooking grates. Cast iron conducts heat well and models made specifically for sale at big uber-retailers have porcelain enameled cast iron. Porcelain is used to protect cast iron ans steel from the rusting effects of weather. If you know the Weber model or the dimensions the grates below are marked for convenience. If you need assistance contact a www.Grill-Repair.com

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Make your Weber look Clean with stainless steel original style cooking grids that fit Weber barbecue models with control knobs on the right side of the fire box. Grilling grids are a set of two grates 17.3 inches deep and 11.8 inches wide.
Models of Spirit and Genesis include Silver, Gold Platinum B and C models, 1000 and 1500 and 310, 320 models.


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weber cooking grate replacement

Stainless steel replacement cooking grate set for Weber Genesis barbecue grill models. Check Silver - Gold - Platinum model B and C dimensions. Originaly grid set was thin convex stamped steel but new replacement grates are 17.3 inches deep and 11.8 inches wide solid stainless steel cooking grids.

Weber Grid Info

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weber stainless steel spirit and genesis bbq cooking grates

Weber Grid Info

Porcelain coated stamped steel Weber cooking grates -- concave and convex original design!
Replacement Weber grids are 15 inches deep and each grill is 11.3 inches wide. Early Spirit and Genesis 500 Silver, Gold Platinum A and 210 mdels barbecue grates.


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weber porcelain coated cooking grates reversible

Cast iron cooking grid fits weber gas barbecue models Since 2007. Weber did not make specific barbecues for certain exclusive retailers but they did allow some retailers to use cooking grates that made the distribution seem exclusive because only that retailer has certain grids. Cast iron is used for even heat diffusion and porcelain coated enamel protects the iron from rusting quickly.

Cooking Grate Details and Pics

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weber cast iron cooking grate replacement

Replacement heavy cast iron cooking grids fit Weber models:

900 -- 1100 -- 4421411 -- Genesis 1000 -- Genesis 2000 -- Genesis 3500 -- Genesis Gold B post 2002 -- Genesis Gold B pre-2002 -- Genesis Gold C post 2002 -- Genesis Gold C pre-2002 -- Genesis IV -- Genesis Platinum B -- Genesis Platinum C -- Genesis Silver B -- Genesis Silver C -- Platinum B 2005 -- Platinum B pre-2005 -- Platinum C 2005 -- Platinum C pre-2005 -- Spirit 700 -- Spirit E310 -- Spirit E-310 -- Spirit E-320 -- Summit 400 -- Summit 600 -- Summit Gold A4 -- Summit Gold B4 -- Summit Gold C4.


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replacement cast iron cooking grates fit weber

Stainless steel replacement cooking grate set for Weber Genesis barbecue grill models manufactured after 2007. These grids replace grill grates on E310 -- Ep310 -- E320 -- EP320 and others. Depth 19.5 Front to Back -- Width 25.5 inches with both grates.

Weber Grid Info

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stainless steel replacement weber grids

Weber Grid Info

Replacement cast iron cooking grid for Q series Weber portable table top model barbecue grill.

Depth of rounded Q series model BBQ cooking grid is 15 3/8 X 21 3/8 inches wide.


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cast iron replace cooking grate weber Q

Replacement cast iron cooking grate for portable Weber model Q barbecue grills.

Porcelain protected cooking grid is Over 12.5 inches deep.


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cast iron replace cooking grate weber Q

Stainless steel replacement grates for Ducane 4100 barbeque grill - buys as one at a time.


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ducane replacement stainless steel cooking grates
Weber Grill Parts.
weber gas bbq grill cooking grates spirit 310

Weber cooking grates are available in stainless steel, porcelain coated cast iron and porcelain enameled steel. All three options have different warranty periods and life span expectations as well as different performance when barbecuing.

Weber cooking grates often denote different versions of the same model barbeque grill. For instance one of the most popular Weber model barbecues of all time is the Weber Silver C. The SIlver C model came with porcelain enameled steel cooking grids. When The Home Depot decided they wanted to have their wn version of a Weber bbq to distinguish their sales, Weber provided a porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate as the difference between these mmodels and everything else. At the time the 5-Star dealers were the speciality barbeque grill stores who carried the entire Weber line and provided service, repairs, replacement parts and warranty assistance. The 5-Star (now called Allinace dealers) were offered their own model of Genesis also. Again the only difference between the modles was that the "Premium" Genesis models for the 5-Star dealers had stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars.